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March 16th 2015: Today is the launch of the new updated Swim-tech.co.uk website.

It now incorporates Bike-mech.co.uk the cycle repair and service department.

Or as its already been nicknamed “Goggles & Gears”

We hope you like it and if you need help with you're swimming or bike please contact us.

Thanks Graham

NOVEMBER  2016 First section completed on my way to becoming a fully accredited Cytech cycle technician. I am a firm believer in learning and qualification how ever experienced you may be. It will take a little time as the training is fairly expensive but we will get there.

Graham is also a ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) Level two swimming teacher and a BTA (British Triathlon Association) Level two coach.


SEPTEMBER  2016.   A few of the many bikes we worked on today at the Lyminge charity ride. This charity ride organized by Katherine Rawlins and the Lyminge Roundups is a great event. Family aimed as well as the serious rider. Its not a race just a lovely ride in the Kent countryside and so helping others less fortunate. Look out for it next year. Oh and the BBQ is very tasty.

PS we are happy to help again with FREE bike care next year :-)