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A guide to knowing how & when to have your bike serviced or repaired

I was recently asked when to have the owners bike serviced. The answer unfortunately is not really straight forward so here are some pointers.

It can depend on what bike you own, what its used for and when its used. The quality of the equipment on higher price bikes is mostly of a better material grade and so wear is often slower and it can stay in tune far longer. Is the bike a MTB used off road or a road bike? Is it a winter bike having to put up with road salt, rain, mud and pot holes? Is it a summer racing TT/triathlon bike? or “ It has to do it all “as I only own one.

MTB: If you use your MTB off road many parts can have accelerated wear. cogs, chains and braking equipment taking the brunt.  If you have suspension then this can also suffer with the many oil seals and moving joint areas involved. Depending on use at least two services a year.

Road: Again chains and rear cassettes. If you use clamp on Tri bars then head sets also can wear quicker than normal. If its your only bike and you use it through out the winter then expect it to requite servicing once or twice a year depending on your mileage. A spring service is a good starting point.

TT Race bike: Mostly these bike are high quality and are kept from the winter and so require less working on, but its always wise to get them checked over before your big races.

The Bike-mech guide to active owner servicing:

These simple few checks you can do each time you ride your pride and joy, but if in any doubt don't take a chance just give me a call and I will do a FREE check for you. Just call me.