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Bike-mech services

We offer a bike repair and service including cables, gears, levers, bearings, accessories tyres, inner tubes, punctures etc: excluding wheel building or major frame repairs.

Using Internet shops for our spares keeps the parts cost low. You can supply your own which I am happy to fit or I can source them for you.

Entered a race? Why not use our “Race preparation” service to make sure your bike is in tip top condition.

Using my World and European age group triathlon championship race experience over the last 20 years I know and understand how important it is to make sure you're bike is at its peak for any race event.

If you have brought a bike your self on the Internet we can assemble it and set up anything that requires adjustment.

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Free collection and return in the Folkestone area

Servicing Costs:  A few suggestions

“Inspect and advise service”  is a cycle working check. We check the  brakes for operation and wear plus the wheel rim braking surface for wear. The gears are checked for smooth operation and adjusted if required, tyre condition, frame and forks condition, all cables for operation and fraying, crank bearing play and general condition.

Its a full inspection and we will advise you on what we feel needs work if anything does. You decide if you would like it repaired. COST:£15

“Race preparation service” We go over it like we were racing it. Everything is checked and adjusted and lubricated as needed. If we find anything that could jeopardise your race event we will advise you if spares are required. Also includes a wash and polish including the  rear sprockets and chain bath clean and lubrication. COST £50  New tyres and innertubes (both wheels) can also be fitted for £5 extra per wheel.

“Gears set up” From £5  “Chain replaced” £5  “Tyres Fitted” £5 per wheel

“Build up your bike” Brought over Internet in a box £40

Other prices on asking. All parts extra. Parts to be paid for before ordering.